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Hippopotamus coloring page, Hippopotamus coloring page from hippopotamus click the hippopotamus coloring pages to view printable version free printable coloring pages for kids. Want to increase your child’s knowledge about the animal kingdom? Then why don’t you introduce him these 10 interesting free printable hippo Coloring Pages.

Hippo Coloring Pages Download

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Coloring page: hippo | Free printable downloads from ChoreTell
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Hippo or hippopotamus, a large herbivorous mammal of the Sub-Saharan African region, are characterized by their huge body, thick legs and a big mouth. Their teeth sharpen on their own as they grind against each other. Baby hippos are born under water and have to swim to the land to breathe for the first time. These creatures mostly remain in water to keep themselves cool, fascinating children by their interesting physical and behavioral characteristics.


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